3 Zodiac Signs Who Overcome Life's Challenges Now Through May 19

We have a Mars/Moon alignment at the beginning of this week, which will leave many of us feeling dissatisfied with our current circumstances.   

While it is true that we must accept what we receive in this life, there is a propensity to desire more. As the week unfolds, transits such as the Moon opposite Pluto and Mercury in Taurus will reach deep within us and fan those fires;  

what happened to our lives? Why are we dissatisfied?We'll observe that throughout the week of May 13-19, 2024, we're dissatisfied with what we have.   

On some level, we believe we 'deserve' more than we now have. We could use a Libra transit this week. However, we are over here, judging and grumbling under the light of Saturn, Pluto, and Mars.  

Fortunately, a Libra Moon is coming up on the 18th, which may help us put our life into perspective.  

If you are asked if this is where you imagined yourself long ago, when you had enormous aspirations and the energy to make those dreams come true, you may feel dissatisfied with your status from May 13 to May 19.   

1. Leo

When you started dating your romantic partner, you expected the two of you to grow as a couple. While that seemed to be going well for a while, it appears that you have both come to a halt on this agreement.  

2. Virgo

This week, you sought advice from friends and experts on 'what to do about your love life.' On the one hand, you want to know what others think; on the other, you don't want your perfect picture ruined.  

3. Aquarius

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