3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Drastically Improve On May 13

Have you ever felt as if the people in your life have undervalued you, or as if they are failing to recognize how amazing you truly are? This is not a conceit.  

Some of us are truly exceptional, and our abilities are often underestimated. On Monday, three zodiac signs may want to say, "Hey!" Over here! "I am worthy of respect, yo!"  

During the transit of the Moon opposite Pluto, we will understand that we are being taken advantage of, which will not make us pleased.  

We may have spent our entire lives ignoring this type of behavior, but there is something profound about the way this Moon opposite Pluto transit affects our nerves and courage; we understand. We see it. We are angry because we have been made to feel unworthy.  

However, this is also the tipping moment, as Pluto never disappoints. While the lessons may take some time to sink in, the lesson that three zodiac signs will learn on Monday, May 13, is to stand up for themselves and make it known that we are worthy.   

We're not here to be taken advantage of. We are strong, and we will say NO when we mean it. Boundaries are drawn.  

You've endured a lot of what you consider to be abuse from some people in your life. Enough is enough, Gemini, and you're going to make some adjustments in your life starting May 13. You know who you are, and while it appears that there are some individuals around you who do not perceive your worth, it is time to move on. No more!  


You've seen how you can give and give and give, and the strange thing is that you've come to realize over the years that this is what others demand of you, as if you were a machine. You are not a machine, Sagittarius, and on May 13, you will express this to people who you believe have undervalued you.   


Being soft and sensitive does not necessarily imply that you are a pushover, as you have begun to observe in your life in terms of how others perceive you. You are as strong and powerful as any other warrior on the street, yet your sensitive side has led some to believe you are weak or unworthy of certain levels of respect.   


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