3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve On May 14

We can't help but become excited at the thought of disclosing this personal knowledge, even though we know we have a secret and want to share it with the one we love.   

We can now trust our spouse enough to open up to them about our deepest feelings. We will unleash our fury on Tuesday, May 14, when the Moon trine Mars.  

Everyone knows that there are hazards involved with sharing secrets, namely that the person with whom we share them never gets to keep them. Although we fervently hope that they DO keep our secret, the unavoidable fact remains that if one person finds out, they will almost certainly tell at least one other person, and so on.   

lunar trine We 'can't' keep our secrets to ourselves since Mars has made it so, which causes the ball to start moving. Additionally, this transit marks the start of "loose lips sink ships" for three zodiac signs.   

When we come clean about anything significant, we have to be ready for the fallout. Perhaps, just possibly, everything was meant to be. We do know that we set ourselves free when we confess. Truth releases us.  

The fact is that, although this isn't "new news" to you, you'll feel like taking a little "show off" on May 14. What you want to show off is also something you've been holding onto for a while. It's beginning to appear as though you're going to spill the beans on something you've been holding within for a while and are really comfortable with this one person in your life.  


You're weary of lying, and you don't want to remember what you said to divert attention from the truth you've been keeping back, which is what pushes you to want to confess something you've been holding within for a very long time. Your wish to release yourself from the load you've carried for far too long will come true on Tuesday, May 14, when the Moon will be trine Mars.  


You are going to reveal a secret that you have carried around for a very long time. Even though you're not sure if this confession will be relevant at this point, you're going to take a chance and tell your love partner what's been on your mind. You'll be able to let it go once and for all on Tuesday, May 14, when the Moon trine Mars.  


You'll leave knowing that although keeping your secret meant a lot to you, its significance lost significance with time. Although it has meaning for you, no one is truly impacted by it in the positive ways now that it is public knowledge. Now, Capricorn, you are free. In the end, everything has worked out for you.  

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