4 signs the universe is testing you

We frequently face obstacles in life that appear out of nowhere and leave us feeling disoriented or perplexed.   

But what if these obstacles are signals from the cosmos helping us on our quest, not just random occurrences?  

Astrology is full with clear indications that suggest the cosmos is trying to teach us something and push us to change and advance. There are four indicators to be aware of:  

Have you ever encountered a sequence of occurrences that don't seem to be random? These coincidences might be a message from the cosmos to you. Keep an eye out for consistent numbers, significant interactions, or unanticipated possibilities that seem to arise at the perfect time.   

1. Synchronicities and Coincidence

Have you ever had an intense reaction to someone or something that seemed out of proportion to the situation? These strong emotional responses could indicate that the universe is putting your emotional fortitude to the test and forcing you to face unsolved matters. Rather than dismissing or repressing these emotions, welcome them as chances for introspection and recovery.  

2. Intense Emotional Reaction

Do you frequently find yourself up against the same problems or confronting comparable barriers? These recurring patterns could be signs that the universe is attempting to impart wisdom or point you in the direction of a particular direction. Relationship problems, professional setbacks, or personal hardships are all common themes.   

3. Repeated Patterns and Lesson

Have you ever felt as though there is a gap between what you do and what you really want? If you feel that you are not living up to your true self, it may be an indication that the universe is putting your integrity and honesty to the test.  

4. Feeling Out of Alignment

Consider whether the decisions you are making now are in line with your highest ideals by taking some time to reflect on your beliefs, objectives, and aspirations. You may pass the challenges of life with dignity and integrity if you remain loyal to yourself and respect your inner truth.  

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