5 Chinese Zodiac Signs Are Luckiest In Love From May 6 - 12, 2024

Some steps must be taken back to progress. On May 6–12, 2024, everyone will be wise in love, but five Chinese zodiac signs will be fortunate. Horse, Rat, Pig, Dog, Ox.  

The I Ching hexagram of love this week is Mountain over Earth (#23) becoming Water over Mountain (#39). If the route forward is obstructed, pause and assess the situation. In love, this is frequently a sign of true incompatibility or problems that may damage your happiness and possibly end your relationship.  

Fighting for a love in the skies or that makes both your souls sing is OK. If not, such obstacles can be a disguised good fortune, allowing you to turn around and go another direction.  

Horse, singles, this week is about pushing yourself and learning that you have a far broader subconscious concept of compatibility than you think. If you let it, luck will provide the most heart-opening events.  


Rat, singles should approach love holistically this week. So when you do anything to look better, impress yourself too. Make sure your date spot suits you and your partner. This road of balance and confidence will bring you luck.  


Dog, if you're single, you'll find love this week if you take action. Buy a speed-dating ticket, socialize more to make friends, or learn a new language to find your sweetheart.  


Ox, your luck in love this week is fostering the sweet and sparking romance. If you're single, follow your best friends' love tips to find love. Distance can improve your perspective and help you turn things around.  


Pigs who are single should avoid love and romance this week. That may seem paradoxical, but love luck depends on it. Instead, prioritize self-care. Time will expose your luck's secrets.  


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