5 Nighttime Snacks That Help You Sleep Better—Including One That Doesn't  

Everyone has experienced that uncomfortable sensation in their tummy at midnight, when they glance both ways and then quickly run to the kitchen   

grab a little something. It's true that eating late at night is nothing new (you're lying if the light in your refrigerator has never seen you enjoying a leftover   

As Danielle Musto, MS, RD, a registered dietitian at Happy Strong Healthy, points out, going to bed hungry can have a detrimental impact on your energy levels the next day    

as well as the quality of your sleep. However, some snacks can actually help you sleep better. It should not be surprising, though, that not all midnight nibbles are created equal.   

Here are 25 snacks that real dietitians and nutritionists have selected as fantastic choices for a fast nibble before bed. The favorable tidings? Depending on your mood,   

you can choose from a variety of savory and sweet midnight snacks that you'll *actually* want to eat.    

Consider figs with cheese, almonds wrapped in dark chocolate, and PB&J sandwiches.   

Scroll down for the best of the best healthy late-night snacks—and make sure you grab a pen and paper to start your next grocery list.  

Vegetarian or vegan? “Swap the tuna for hummus, which is also loaded with sleep-promoting nutrients, including vitamin B6, folate, and tryptophan,” suggests Bannan.  

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