5 Outstanding Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is a time-honored beverage that is well-known for its rich red hue and tart-sweet flavor. Whether you're looking for a fruit juice substitute or something else entirely, it's ideal for slake your thirst.   

The liquid obtained from the tiny, dark red fruit that is native to North America is called cranberry juice.     

Although it can be included in a balanced diet, cranberry juice doesn't provide much in the way of nutrients.  

As part of a balanced diet, eight ounces (one glass) of cranberry juice should be consumed each day, according to registered dietitian and Camelback Nutrition Wellness creator Kristen Carli, MS, RD.  

Drinking cranberry juice is a delicious approach to reduce oxidative stress.     

This can improve your hydration, which Carli says is essential for basic body functions including controlling body temperature, promoting healthy digestion, and absorbing nutrients.  

"Compounds like proanthocyanidins and vitamin C, which are known to support immune function, are found in cranberry juice," says Carli.  

According to Carli, "cranberry juice is safe for most people, but excessive consumption may cause upset stomach or diarrhea." Its high sugar content and acidic nature are the causes of this.    

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