8 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas To Fall In Love With

It doesn't hurt to indulge a little this Valentine's Day by giving yourself a little extra care, regardless of whether you welcome the tradition or find roses repulsive. Let kisses and vibrant red hearts serve as a reminder that love may take many different forms—even adorable little manicures.    

Here is a collection of 18 Valentine's Day nail art ideas that are sure to win your heart, whether you're hiding from Cupid's arrows or excitedly anticipating a bouquet from your sweetie.   

Nothing that a few kisses and hugs can't fix.  


This one is for people who can't get enough of the holiday cherry reds. To be fashionable this year, add some bows to the top!   

   Cherry Cherry Lady 

Use this delicate manicure to celebrate Valentine's Day in a seductive manner.  

           Love Lace 

Why should the fun be limited to couples? Enjoy this enjoyable Galentine's Day activity with your significant other.   

      Galentine’s Day 

Instead of going with the conventional white French tips, try these layered hearts.   

        Layed Hearts 

Although roses fade, your flowery manicure will look beautiful for weeks!   

I Can Buy Myself Flowers 

Instead of going with the conventional reds and pinks, choose a metallic chrome.   

        Edgy Valentine 

Here's a way to jazz up the traditional white manicure, if you enjoy it as much as I do.   

           A Lil Bling 

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