A British YouTuber spends $19 on Lewis Hamilton's Burger and immediately regrets it.  

Lewis Hamilton, a proponent of the healthy, vegan lifestyle, wants to share his enthusiasm with his supporters.   

Callum "Calfreezy" Airey's recent video included him jogging around London's celebrity-owned eateries for his 4.2 million fans.  

His introduction to Hamilton went as follows: "We're here at a restaurant owned by none other than the eight-time-no-seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton."  

The first review came as he sipped his berry lemonade: "Really good! "Not too sweet." After researching the delicate chemistry of a good lemonade, he decided, "This is bangin'."  

Freezy also rejected the backlash over the new menu, denying assertions made by culinary reviewers online. To him, everything looked great, as did the restaurant's atmosphere and the music playing.  

He took another mouthful after rearranging the food. "F*ck me." This is terrible. "I'm trying to be nice," he remarked, glancing at his burger, "but it's f*cking disgusting."   

Calfreezy rated the entire meal after eating what he called as the worst burger he'd ever tasted. The rating method evaluated three factors: pricing, food, and service.  

Starting with the pricing, he reported that his entire lunch cost £15 [$18.99]. "It's okay, it's London prices," he said, rating it 3/5. The dish, for which he gave the camera a thumbs down, received a 2/5.   

With an overall score of 6.5/10, Calfreezy continued his journey, giving a highly thorough critique of Hamilton's initiative. With a perfectionist like Lewis Hamilton at the helm, problems like this should be solved quickly.

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