A Man's Opinion on What Women Should Know About Men's Emotions 

Guys are criticized for their emotions. Some say guys don't feel, share, or listen. Quite the contrary.  

Here's how men feel and how you may use this knowledge to develop a strong, lasting relationship.  

Much of the pain and frustration I witness comes from assuming guys feel like women. Men have a tougher problem digesting and managing emotions. No one has taught us how to do it well  

1. Not many men share your views.

We lack the emotional support structure many women have, so men retreat into job, sports, and TV.  

Naturally, you want a man to acknowledge and satisfy your needs. Men should be good partners, care for you, listen, love well, connect, be loyal, and share.  

2. Your sentiments pressure him to fix

You set both of you up for failure when you expect that he meet your emotional needs because you lean on him out of fear, irritation, and uncertainty. No partnership can satisfy all emotions.  

Use your improved ability to experience and share emotions to create a supportive environment for excellent communication with your man. How? Be compassionate and understanding at first. 

3. He needs your good communication leadership.

This strategy gets you further with men. He doesn't understand emotions and communication like you.  

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