A Seek-and-Find Puzzle for Sharp Eyes: Can You Spot the Twins?

The ability to notice patterns, distinguish between things, and identify outliers is hardwired into every human being.   

This mental capacity has inspired innumerable puzzles, games, and challenges that play on our innate tendency to notice variation.   

This quality is what has made seek-and-find puzzles so popular; they can be enjoyed by people from many walks of life.   

A new online challenge that asks participants to identify a set of identical twins among a bunch of children is sure to pique people's interest.   

Not only will this visually appealing and fascinating activity put your observational skills to the test,   

but it will also highlight the intricacies of human perception.  

Your task is to locate the identical twins within the allotted time of fifteen seconds.   

Is it within your capabilities to tackle this assignment and finish it by the given deadline?   

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