Before going on a first date, there are five little but important things to keep in mind. 

Breathe. Your first date is coming up. You're imagining anything from the perfect love at first sight to the horror of sitting across the table from a weirdo all night.   

Perhaps worst of all, meeting your dream sweetheart and being cruelly rejected at first sight.  

I've arranged many first dates as a matchmaker. I like when clients are nervous. I think it's normal and healthy and indicates you care about yourself, others, and the outcome. You did well. 

Unless your date is a blow-up doll, they're probably calming down. Your date is willing to check you out because they agreed to meet. Your date probably had the same millions of scenarios you did.

1. You and your date are nervous  

Naturally, you should dress and act the part. Much is out of your control, from the weather to whether your date likes your jokes. You can only prepare so much; leave the rest to the cosmos.  

2. You can't manage everything  

Many clients state, "I don't think I showed her how fun I can be because I was so nervous!" Despite nerves, your date will likely read your energy unless you have severe anxiety.

3. Energy is easier to read than thought.   

Sharing your dating experience with family is fun. Being in the game and enjoying your life means trying new things. Funny dinner mistakes, inappropriate date comments, and flubs will be told to your grandkids.  

4. You'll tell stories afterward.

Someone thought you were worth spending time on—your matchmaker, your buddy who set you up, or the other person who went out with you. Something about you got you here, even if the date doesn't lead to marriage and kids.  

5. You deserve it  

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