Brain Teaser: Find the Hidden Mistakes in this Challenging Office-Themed Brain Teaser

This is a fun and challenging way to improve our thinking abilities.  

They take many different forms, such as solving an equation, discovering a hidden object, or cracking the solution.   

The "spot the mistakes" challenge is a popular type of brain teaser.   

In this challenge, you are given an image containing hidden errors. Your goal is to find as many mistakes as possible in a limited amount of time.  

Brain teasers are a great way to improve your mood as accomplishing something increases our dopamine levels and gives us motivation to work even harder.  

The above image shows an office scene with employees working on a busy day.  

However, looks can be deceiving. Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that the scene is not as perfect as it seems. There are three mistakes in the image and your challenge is to find them before the timer runs out.

So, how many errors were you able to find in this brain teaser?  If you found all the mistakes then congratulations. Your observation skills have paid off really well. 

If your count was less than 2, don't give up, you can surely do it. Just scroll back up to the top and try to finish this puzzle.  Here is the solution to the brainteaser. 

LeBron is wanted by the Lakers ‘on whatever term that he wants.’ Possible Bronny draft. 

Thanks For Watching