Brain Teaser for Geniuses: 5 out of 10 people fail to spot the Letter G among C in 5 Sec 

Brain teasers are enjoyable challenges that test our cognitive powers and problem-solving ability. 

These puzzles are frequently designed to be clever and engaging, and solving them requires creative thinking and attention to detail.   

They take many different forms, including riddles, logic puzzles, optical illusions, and word games. Brain teasers are so intriguing because they engage our minds and inspire us to think beyond the box.   

This brain teaser challenges users to find the letter "G" hidden within the letter "C" within a time constraint of 5 seconds.    

The assignment may appear simple at first glance, but the difficulty is in the delicate manipulation of shapes and perception.   

The letter "G" is effectively buried within the shape of the letter "C," necessitating close inspection and quick thought to identify.    

The solution is to notice that when rotated 180 degrees clockwise, the bottom half of the letter "C" can be understood as the letter "G".   

This optical illusion tricked the mind into seeing the hidden letter. The brain teaser not only evaluates visual acuity, but it also requires participants to think imaginatively and look beyond the apparent   

It's an enjoyable and stimulating activity that demonstrates the complexity of perception and problem solving.   

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