Can You Find the Secret Sum in This Donkey Kong Puzzle?

Brain teasers aren't your average riddles; they're a great way to challenge your brain while also surprise you with how much fun they can be.  

All ages can find something they love in these puzzles, which range from logic puzzles to wordplay challenges.  

To begin, how would you define a brainteaser? In order to solve it,   

you'll need to use your brain and some creative thinking.  

Brainteasers, in contrast to problems in mathematics where the solution is obvious,  

may provide ambiguous or otherwise nonsensical information or demand a new perspective.  

These exercises in "lateral thinking" are a terrific method to maintain mental acuity because they enhance analytical and problem-solving abilities.  

Puzzle lovers and aficionados of Donkey Kong, listen up! This brain teaser is for you!  

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