Can you solve this impossible puzzle by finding the alligator in 33 seconds? Try Your Skill

Take this incredible visual quiz on Tuesday to see how high your IQ is. Mental exercises are known as brain teasers.   

By testing our logic, visual acuity, and other cognitive capacities, these puzzles and mental exercises help us become better problem solvers.  

In this version of the game, you'll need to rely on your wits and keen eyesight to locate the alligator perched on a tree  

unlike in the previous image. The image of squirrels perched on a tree is sourced from Dover Publications and found on Pinterest.  

Brain problems encourage original thought. Greater adaptation and invention in real-world contexts are outcomes of this level of mental flexibility  

Solving this visual puzzle will require you to keep your eyes peeled and pay close attention to every detail.   

Attention to detail is essential in many occupations, and you'll learn to focus on the finer points more often.  

Is assistance still required? For confirmation of the correct response, please refer to the image below.   

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