Can you spot the sneaky dog hiding among the sheep?

If you can find the sneaky dog hiding among the sheep in the image then your IQ may be far higher than most. 

Are you going to give it a try, or are you too sheepish? Only time wool tell! 

The picture shows some cheerful sheep grazing on some tasty grass and going about their daily buisness. 

But, there's another animal that has snuck onto the scene, can you spot a cunning canine? 

Don't worry if not, this is one of out trickiest puzzles yet. 

It is made extra difficult as there is no clear space on the page as it's filled with sheep, meaning the eyes becomes distracted and find it harder to focus. 

Still no luck? Here's a hint. The dog is the same shade of dark brown as some of the sheep. 

It says: "Brain teasers will stimulate your cognitive ability and also help focus by making you concentrate on one task as a time." 

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