ChatGPT will put your data into interactive tables and charts with GPT-4o

Data analysis in ChatGPT has recently undergone certain updates, as announced by OpenAI.   

The AI chatbot now lets users make their own interactive tables and charts that they can personalize and save for use in papers and presentations.  

They can also use cloud storage services like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive to upload data to ChatGPT.  

The new data analysis features will be available to some ChatGPT customers, but not all.  

Users of ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise will be able to access the updated version in a few weeks.   

With the release of GPT-4o in the company's Spring Update, OpenAI has upgraded its flagship model with new data analysis capabilities.  

The updated data analysis features allow users to import tables and documents into ChatGPT, which will then generate an interactive table.  

They can click on specific areas to ask follow-up questions, change and personalize the information, and examine it in an expanding perspective.   

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