Counting all 11 people in this winter scene is easy – but can you see the car?

A viral optical illusion has left people scratching their heads as they try to find the car in this incredible optical illusion. 

If you can see the cheeky motor hidden within the snowy winter scene in a super fast time you have ultimate 20/20 vision and an expert driving IQ. 

The playful artwork shows a bunch of kids carrying buckets as they play in a snow filled forest but there doesn't appear to be a car in sight. 

A person with brilliant skills behind the wheel should be able to quickly find where the car is hid despite it being cleverly blended in within the photo. 

Turn on your headlights and and try to see if you can solve the optical illusion using your clever problem-solving brain. 

In the image there is a lot going on with 11 happy people and a few adorable dogs playing around with buckets. 

The huge amount of tress make it even harder to spot the single motor out of place. The pure amount of cars in the picture is what really throws you off from hailing for the taxi though as there are so many distractions.

It's very hard to spot as you can't see at first glance and it takes ultra focus to scan across the whole picture and ignore everything else and really spot the obvious clue. 

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