Each Zodiac Sign's Tarot Card Reading For May 12

There it is. One of the reasons individuals don't answer the door when opportunity knocks is that other noises are drowning out the sound. Awaken your senses to notice when things are shifting.   


There exist individuals who believe they have a right to certain things in life. They anticipate getting their want or not at all. You might encounter the will of someone who is accustomed to things going their way today. Although it may be a difficult test of your own resolve, you two can strike a workable solution.  


You are poised to act now, taking advantage of the moment. This tarot card advises you to follow your intuition and act without hesitation when it prompts you to. For the moment, you are in control. We await fate and destiny.  


With this card, you can be feeling stuck and unable to see any way out. Thank goodness, Cancer, this is never the case. No matter how far you are plunged in darkness, the sun will rise once more.   


Meeting someone gentle, sensitive, and giving is very pleasant. You are afraid that their goodwill may be exploited, so much so that you wish to shield them. Look for ways to promote this person's generosity rather than trying to stop it from happening.   


You have access to a bountiful life, Virgo! You have the means to achieve it, which may surprise you! Sure, to create a life you love, but also to cultivate an open heart right now. You can experience serenity and deep thankfulness when you fully trust the trip.  


If you come into contact with a motherly figure today, you will feel comforted and like you belong with them. Take a picture to remember this day if you're seeing your mother, grandmother, or aunt this weekend.   


Though it might not be the best idea to join discussions centered around rumors, you could offer your two cents on the matter. It is imperative that you consider the situation at hand. Even if you didn't say anything, who will be held accountable for disseminating stories? That you.  


When anything is wrong, you can tell. Don't take any unnecessary chances today. Think things over before you decide. This tarot card is telling you to be safe and not be where you don't belong.   


The most attractive thing about you, Capricorn, might be your heart. According to a well-known Maya Angelou quotation, "People may forget what you did or said, but they will always remember how you made them feel." Make an effort to influence others' perceptions of you.   


Even if you don't intend to spend a lot of time in a certain place, you can still be kind and understanding. Sometimes all it takes to express concern is a smile, a nice word, or a small gesture.   


You have a long day ahead of you. Taking time to go inward and work through your emotions is always a good idea. This is one method of managing your feelings. It's amazing how much more self-aware you are. It is great when someone is aware of who they are.