Easy Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

A simple, 100% whole wheat pizza dough that's tasty, soft, and chewy, and ready to bake in under an hour! There is no need for specific equipment.  

Over the years, I've used whole grains into an increasing number of my baked goods. I began with handmade bread, but I've now expanded to include cookies, pie crusts,   

and even classic childhood dishes such as Blueberry Muffins and Strawberry Shortcakes. Naturally, these rustic whole grains have made their way into my homemade pizza dough too!   

I often use a combination of whole wheat and white flour, but after much experimentation, I recently discovered a 100% whole wheat pizza dough that is tender and even more tasty. As an added plus, it's easy to make and quick.   

My main issue with handmade pizza dough is that it might take hours or even days to prepare, depending on the recipe.   

That time commitment isn't ideal for last-minute pizza cravings, a hectic schedule, or occasional dinner prep sloth, making it all too tempting to order delivery.  

This whole wheat pizza dough is not only rich and tasty, but it also cooks in roughly 45 minutes, yielding a hot pizza ready to slice in just over an hour.  

I mix it in one bowl and knead it by hand, but if you don't want to dirty your hands, you can use a stand mixer instead.   

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