Egg foo young recipe

Returning to recollections of my father bringing up Chinese from the local eatery. He often brought home egg foo young, which was one of my favorite meals at the time. However, making your own is far more tasty and simple to accomplish!  

We all have them, I suppose. Those childhood food memories. But, in my case, when I was older and went to the nearby Chinese restaurant and got an egg foo young,  

I was always disappointed since it was rubbery, far too sugary, and simply not as nice as I remembered. So I never really attempted it again.  

However, a while back, I saw someone post a recipe for egg foo young on Instagram and thought it was an excellent idea. Making this traditional Chinese dish is actually rather simple.  

If you think about it, it's really just an omelet with vegetables. The sauce makes all the difference.  

You can use any vegetables you choose in this dish. It's also really easy to customize. I used what I had on hand and what was needed.  

This also makes it an ideal recipe for using up leftovers. I used leeks, paprika, cabbage, and sugar snaps (which I briefly precooked), but you can substitute zucchini, mushrooms, or any other vegetable in your fridge.  

I made my egg foo young vegetarian, but you could simply include chicken or fish if you choose. Because there are already so many eggs in the meal, I prefer to leave it vegetarian.   

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