Everyone can see the birds – but you need 20/20 vision & a high IQ to spot the other hidden animal in 11 seconds 

The optical illusion is said by its creators at Bright Side to test players' observational skills and analyse their personality. Those who see only birds, trees, and huts in the image "value traditions and prefer a simple and peaceful style of life".

If you are struggling to find the elephant, try to look beyond the obvious. The large white space in the centre of the image is what is important. Here is a clue: the elephant's trunk starts at the bottom of the left side of the image.

One person wrote: "Oh my goodness, what camouflage." Another said: "I got a physical jolt of 'woah!' when it actually clicked for me."

Let's try one more optical illusion, to make sure we have really given your brain a good workout. Here is a spread of tasty-looking food, with everything from pretzels to olive oil to eggs.

There is a sweet hidden among the rest of the largely-healthy food. Can you see it?

The current record to beat is 49 seconds. It might seem like a daunting task, but carefully examining each element of the scene will help to simplify it.

Here is a hint: the sweet is purple. If you are still struggling, scroll to the bottom of this page and you'll see the solution circled in white.

The elephant in the image is outlined in red 

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