Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are proud parents of three daughters.

Without discussing their close relatives, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's love story is incomplete.   

Besides being one of the biggest couples in country music and costars in Yellowstone's prequel series 1883, McGraw and Hill are proud parents to Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey.   

How 1883's Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Make Their Real Marriage Different From the Show   

Though McGraw and Hill have accomplished much in their professions, having parents is their finest achievement.   

"It's inspiring to me to watch them go out on their own and do the things they do," McGraw told PEOPLE in 2021 about his daughters.    

Gracie, McGraw and Hill's oldest daughter, was born May 5, 1997. Taste of Country said that she moved to L.A. to act after graduating from New York University. She played Tanya in Tyler Perry's If Loving You Is Wrong from 2018 to 2020.   

Gracie McGraw, 26

McGraw and Hill's middle child Maggie was born Aug. 12, 1998. Her father brags on Instagram about her 2021 Stanford University Master's degree. "We are so incredibly proud of our Maggie May!!!!" McGraw captioned her graduation lovely post.    

Maggie McGraw, 24

Audrey was Hill and McGraw's youngest daughter, born Dec. 6, 2001. Audrey joined show business like her parents after finishing high school in June 2020. In August 2021, she appeared in her dad's music video for "7500 OBO." She appeared in a Tory Burch campaign in December 2020.   

Audrey McGraw, 21

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