Find the frog hidden among similarly colored brown leaves and you might just have perfect vision 

You have 20 seconds to spot the small amphibian in the outdoorsy brainteaser scene and prove your unmatched attention to detail. 

At first glance, it's hard to see anything but a pile of browning leaves. 

A few hints of greenery also poke out from the ground. But somewhere hiding in plain sight, a frog is able to disguise himself in the similarly colored foliage.

The creature might think it can outsmart predators, but don't let it fool you. Continue to scan all corners of the scene as the clock ticks.

Looked up? Tried down? To the right? Don't give up until you use your eagle eyes to look to the left of the long green stem in the middle.

It might take a few seconds to spot him as the frog's brown coloring with dark spots blends into the surrounding leaves, but there he is. 

Found him before time ran out? Congratulations! You can declare perfect vision bragging rights.

And lucky for the frog, you weren't an actual predator. 

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