Finding the hidden monkey in the zoo in six seconds requires a high IQ, but spotting the sleeping leopard is one thing.

People are scratching their heads trying to figure out where the expertly camouflaged chimp is hidden inside the giraffe enclosure in less than six seconds after discovering this viral brainteaser.  

A hawk is keeping an eye on you if you can spot the mischievous monkey quickly. However, be careful—he's quite skilled at hiding and seeking.  

The astounding piece of art depicts a number of tall giraffes crammed into a gorgeous zoo with lush green lawns and a refreshing pool.  

As the enormous, long-necked animals reach up high to grab food off the amused children, parents and kids look on in wonder.  

Although the enclosure may appear rather ordinary at first, as soon as you learn that there is a monkey hiding among the giraffes, your eyes begin to widen and the hunt is on.  

The endearing chimp should be easy to find and apprehend by someone with excellent vision before he has a chance to take over the zoo a la King Kong in miniature.  

But don't panic—this monkey is more like Curious George than it is like the enormous gorilla.  

Only the top 9% can find it within 17 seconds! Or test your IQ by trying to find the green snowman camouflaged by Christmas trees in this optical illusion. If you can find it within 15 seconds you might have 20/20 vision - but, it's not that easy.

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