Get Out There and Mingle With Anyone In Just 8 Simple Steps 

Walking up, shaking hands, and saying, "Hi, I'm Joe," is simple but effective. No flashy one-liner is needed—simplicity radiates confidence.  

1. Simplify   

A lot. Walk and talk with a smile. Smile as you move around the room. The smile indicates openness to communication. People will seek you out and feel comfortable approaching.

2. Grin

If with a pal, split. When you spend the evening with a companion, the talkative one will dominate, which is bad for both of you. Your crush will wonder who's interested  

3. Avoid huddles

Ask, answer, ask, then expose yourself. Short chats at dating events often get fixated on one issue, like her career or his vacation. Use the time to learn about the other person while sharing your highlights.  

4. Discuss ping-pong.

Don't look at your watch or phone, but remember that after 10-15 minutes of chatting and mingling, you should move on. Keep going unless the connection is obvious—you don't want to look like the cornerer.  

5. Time it.

Use light subjects to fill your 15-minute interactions. Don't turn 15 minutes into a Debbie Downer soap opera about a recent death or missed trip. Consider the benefits!  

6. Be light.

Grace is tested by knowing when to stop talking. Again, simplicity works. After your imaginary 15-minute timer runs out and he pauses after telling a dog anecdote, you can say, "Toby is adorable! Great tale, Joe. 

7. Exit graciously

Even if you know it's impossible, talk to the first person who approaches you. You have no idea who watches. Your dream partner may be clinging to a pal, worried you'll reject everyone. It's unclear who will introduce you.  

8. Talk to everyone  

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