Gochu Doenjang Muchim 

Koreans frequently eat fresh green chili peppers with ssamjang, a sauce made from fermented soybean paste known as doenjang (된장). This recipe provides a unique twist on how to eat chili peppers with a similar sauce.

If you produce Korean chili peppers in your backyard, this recipe is a great garden-to-table alternative that highlights the vegetable's freshness and the savory flavor of doenjang.

Doenjang muchim (된장무침) refers to vegetable dishes seasoned with doenjang. Gochu doenjang muchim (고추된장무침) is a chili pepper-based dish. 

Doenjang muchim is a famous Korean dish that includes vegetables such putbaechu (young napa cabbage), bok choy, and spinach. The green leafy veggies are blanched, then seasoned. 

This chili pepper meal is simple to prepare (less than 10 minutes) because you simply combine fresh chili peppers with a doenjang combination similar to ssamjang. 

Koreans typically use asagi gochu, a mild green chili pepper with thin to medium thick skin, for this meal. These peppers are tall and plump, with a crisp texture and a slightly sweet flavor. 

Asag" means crunchy in Korean. Oi gochu (오이고추) is another name for them, as they are pleasantly sweet and crisp, similar to cucumbers.

There are various additional types of Korean chili peppers, each with a unique flavor and heat level. Putgochu (撋고추) refers to immature green chili peppers, whether mild or fiery. 

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