LeBron James deflects a question about the Lakers' trade deadline plans: 'Nothing else to discuss'  

When it comes to upgrading his team, LeBron James isn't known for his subtlety. Sometimes he just says it outright, like he did with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2017.   

simple responses after their 1124-118 triumph over the lottery-bound Charlotte Hornets on Monday, February 5, to cap their annual "Grammy trip."

He has recently become more passive-aggressive. The Los Angeles Lakers have been hovering around.500 for most of the season, and with the trade deadline approaching on Thursday at 3 p.m. ET, they are now 27-25. In the last week,  

James' response was consistent with his passive-aggressive approach to the trade deadline, which included posting an emoji of the Statue of Liberty and a King crown on X,

In the last week, he has tweeted a cryptic hourglass, expressed uncertainty about his return to the Lakers next season, and flirted with the New York Knicks, a team that has previously courted him.  

James only had 26 points and 7 assists in the close victory over the lottery-bound Charlotte Hornets, following 24 points against the Knicks on February 3 at Madison Square Garden. 

This is who we have so there's nothing else to talk about," James said after the Lakers defeated the Charlotte Hornets. 

Perhaps this 4-2 Grammy's road trip compels the Lakers to make similarly aggressive roster decisions at this year's deadline. Whether he'll say it or not, that is probably James' preference. 

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