NASA Juno images of Jupiter moon Europa

Amazing characteristics, such as a platypus-shaped area and indications that Europa's frozen crust is "wandering,  

have been revealed in images taken by NASA's Juno mission of Jupiter's icy moon Europa.  

Juno took these pictures of Europa on 29 September 2022 during a close flyby of the moon.  

The spacecraft obtained four high-resolution photographs of Europa,  

the first since the Galileo mission's final flyby in 2000, as it approached the surface within 220 miles (355 km).  

Europa has piqued the curiosity of planetary scientists due to the widespread belief that the frozen surface conceals a liquid ocean, which may make the world habitable.  

The forthcoming JUICE and Europa Clipper missions will investigate the moon in more depth, and any data collected by Juno could help guide those investigations.  

The JunoCam visible-light camera and the probe's Stellar Reference Unit (SRU) have taken pictures that show the icy crust on Europa's north and south poles has "wandered."  

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