NATURE is filled with interesting wildlife, even if you can't see it at first. 

You just need to immerse yourself in the great outdoors - or at least this brainteaser. 

To find the critter, whatever it might be, you'll have to scan the tree, which features burgundy leaves and branches with greenery. It also seemed to be growing small, red berries. Now you have just a few seconds to spot the hidden animal on the bright, summer day.

Don't see it on the branches? Still no luck spotting anything on the leaves? Don't give up just yet.

Make sure not to miss anything that could be hiding somewhere on its bark. 

You might just need a bird's eye view to find the creature - a grey-headed woodpecker. 

The bird had been hiding in the middle of the tree, in front of a wide hollow, all along. 

What made it especially difficult to find was that the greenery helped to hide it even more. Found it? Congratulations, you are one competent birdwatcher. After all, it was a tough one.

According to Bird Forum, the bird has a mostly pure grey head and body, which helps it easily blend into the tree. 

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