Only 1% High IQ Genius Can Find Lollipop Before Ice-Cream Melts In 15 Seconds. 

Brain Teaser IQ Test: Can You find the Lollipop hidden in the picture of ice-cream? It will require your cognitive abilities and visual sharpness to ace this test in 15 seconds. 

Its flawless fusion of qualitative and quantitative skills will open your eyes to the value of problem-solving abilities and fresh viewpoints. Try your best to find the lollipop hidden in this picture of ice cream. 

This visual puzzle will evaluate your critical thinking and observational skills. You will be able to appreciate the significance of problem-solving abilities  

how combining qualitative and quantitative information can facilitate the development of original solutions.  

To find all the clues, divide the image and look through every corner. Your capacity for reasoning and applying critical thinking techniques will progressively increase, allowing you to assess various circumstances.

A brain teaser evaluates a person's capacity for solving problems. It is a great idea to promote cooperation and teamwork. 

Do you still need help? Please look at the image below to be sure about the answer.  

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