Only 1% Puzzle Champions Can Spot The Raisins Among Coffee Beans In This 1 Minute Brain Teaser. Try Your Luck!

In order to hone your problem-solving skills, try your hand at this graphic puzzle that is sure to be a brain teaser.   

This image from is different from the one up top  

you'll have to rely on your powers of observation and logic to uncover the hidden raisin.  

Mental capacity, ingenuity, and flexibility are all enhanced by brain teasers, which in turn inspire remarkable levels of originality and creativity.   

Good eyesight and meticulous attention to detail are prerequisites for solving this visual puzzle.  

Focusing one's attention more narrowly improves over time, which is useful in many real-world contexts where precision and accuracy are paramount.  

Separate the image into smaller parts to facilitate your work.  

Now make sure you don't miss any clues by checking every row and column.   

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