Only 5% can spot the Lily Flower hidden among Roses in picture within 11 secs!

Everyone from kids to adults can enjoy this picture puzzle that has been shared.   

Clusters of yellow flowers, blue hydrangeas, and crimson and pink roses are visible in this optical illusion.   

The lily is supposedly concealed among the roses in the illusion, and the spectator is challenged to locate it.   

Reportedly, fewer than five percent of the population is able to discern the concealed lily blossom within this photograph.  

If you're looking for a new entertaining IQ test, try this optical illusion picture.   

The only surefire way to find out how smart you are, though, is to take an official IQ test.  

Help is at hand if you're having trouble locating the concealed lily blossom.  

A lily can be made out among the many flowers—yellow, blue, pink, and red—if one examines the image closely on the left side. Your ocular acuity may be exposed by this optical illusion.  

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