Only a Genius can spot the Gladiator’s Hidden Sword in picture within 7 Secs!

Anyone, from kids to grownups, can enjoy the challenge of solving the given image.   

Inside the Colosseum, there is an optical illusion that challenges you to locate the gladiator's sword.  

By posing the question, "Where's the gladiator's sword?" the riddle invites viewers to find the concealed weapon.   

The picture depicts a gladiator strutting his stuff within the Colosseum, all geared up for combat.  

Now the more challenging aspect of this optical illusion is to locate the gladiator's concealed sword.  

Thousands of adults have been left perplexed by the image, trying to find the concealed blade therein.   

If you're looking for a new entertaining IQ test, try this optical illusion picture.   

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