Find the hidden foxes in these 3 optical illusion

Foxes are great at searching out food and hiding spots. Those who enjoy brain teasers may learn a thing or two from their excellent perception.  

In honor of National Fox Day, try if you can spot the hidden foxes in these ingenious visual illusions.  

Whether or whether these brain teasers are as intelligent as foxes is debatable. After all, foxes are renowned to be playful, meticulous, and shy. They conceal a lot, just as the various concealed faces in these seven perplexing optical illusions. 

Scroll down to exercise your brain and test your vision. You'll encounter three optical illusions, each with a concealed dog fox or vixen (male and female foxes). If you can discover the hidden creatures, we will be quite impressed.

September 17 is National Fox Day! This little-known festival occurs just once a year, so we're commemorating it with a challenge. First, examine this optical illusion and see if you can see anything hidden. 

Perhaps you cannot discover them. Perhaps you'd go so far as to say you feel trapped in a foxhole. Regardless, we've circled the three hidden foxes for you:   

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