Optical Illusion: Find The Cute Polar Bear Hiding Among The Scary Ghosts In 13 Second

Optical illusions, which originated in ancient Greece, are not often recognized as a significant aspect of history. The ancient Greeks, who were fascinated by symmetry, utilized this visual approach on temple roofing, using slanted angles to create the illusion of curving surfaces.   

Optical illusions are caused by our brains fooling us into seeing nonexistent objects. However, the fundamental causes of this phenomena and its recurrence remain puzzling. Surprisingly, evolution has an important influence.   

The brain creates images that are radically different from reality by using color, diverse patterns, and even the interaction of light and shadow.   

Essentially, in this circumstance, what we see does not always match what is true. However, you may rest easy since one hypothesis is that the brain does this out of survival instincts.   

Divide the image into grids and scan top to bottom. Take your time, but also don't.   

Set the timer for 13 seconds and test your observation abilities. Don't worry, just focus. Get. Set. Go.  

Don't feel let down if you can't find the answer. It's given in the image  

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