Optical Illusion IQ Test: Can You Find The Parrot Escaped From The Cage in 21 Seconds? Timer Is On!

Optical illusions are puzzles that have applications in neurology, psychology, art, and daily life. It illustrates how the brain organizes and interprets visual data, showing that perception is more complex than simply looking in the mirror. 

Your ability to think critically, solve problems, and apply both qualitative and quantitative methodology will be evaluated in this assignment. 

Optical illusion finds wide applications in the domains of neurology, psychology, the arts, and daily life. These visual puzzles test our comprehension of contradicting or unclear data. We can gain a better understanding of cognition, anatomy, 

These visual puzzles also provide valuable insights into how the brains of healthy and impaired people interpret visual information, making them vital tools for visual research.  

Optical illusion helps understand psychology and examine various human vision, attention, memory, and decision-making characteristics.  

3 seconds are left! Tick… Tock… Tick…

Enough of the suspense and the low-key music in the background, let’s jump to the answer. 

Open your eyes and raise your consciousness by developing a cosmic vision if you are willing to take on the challenges of the visual arts. 

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