Optical illusion: Only eagle-eyed people can see a butterfly among the dogs in 10 seconds.

Kids benefit most from optical illusions. They can improve cognitive skills and make learning entertaining. 

Kids' visual perception and attention span can be improved using optical illusions.

Only the smartest and most observant can unravel this optical trick. Sherlock Holmes-like intelligence is needed to discover the butterfly in under 8 seconds. While wonderfully hidden, the butterfly can be seen if you look closely.

Try your hand at detective work! Assess your observation and deduction skills. Do you notice tiny details and apply them to solve complex cases?

Solving optical illusions improves observation and awareness. You will improve your ability to notice details that others may miss.

Congratulations on seeing the butterfly in 8 seconds! Sherlock Holmes-like intelligence and observation.

Congratulations on spotting the butterfly fast. You may be a brilliant detective!

Not seeing the butterfly? Don't worry. See the optical illusion solution below.

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