Optical illusion reveals your personality in 30 seconds - and people feel ‘attacked’

A mind-bending optical illusion published on TikTok reveals your personality type. 

However, many others have reported feeling "attacked" as a result of the image. 

The snapshot, submitted by TikTok user mia_yilin, just invites you to look at it quickly and identify whether it's a duck or a rabbit. 

"Your emotions are quite volatile; you can be happy one moment and depressed the next." You are normally a very forgiving and understanding person, but if someone breaks your firm boundaries, you will be furious." 

"If you first saw the rabbit, then you are a chronic procrastinator," the user said to those who saw one. It is quite difficult to do something if you are not passionate about it. 

"But even if you take it very seriously, it's as if you physically cannot bring yourself to act until the very last minute." 

"You're also very good at masking your emotions, even when you're having a complete mental breakdown on the job." 

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