Optical Illusion To Test Your IQ: Find The Hidden Letter h among b’s Within 8 Seconds!

This new optical illusion will assess your IQ in 8 seconds. You have to spot the letter h among the sea of b’s. How fast can you find it? If you found it inside the time limit, you have a higher IQ than most individuals.  

Optical illusions are commonly employed to pass the time, but they may also be used to assess IQ and personality. If you are wondering about your own intellect, take this viral optical illusion IQ test to assess your cognitive ability. 

At first view, it seems to be a cursive-written letter b. However, a careful investigation reveals the letter h. However, you will need exceptional cognitive abilities, keen eyes, and laser focus to discover it.  

The optical illusion IQ test is meant to assess your ability to identify concealed objects and patterns, as well as your attention to detail and problem-solving abilities. 

If you succeeded, congrats! You have a high IQ and excellent observational skills. If you couldn't locate it, don't worry. It's a hard optical illusion.   

Don't worry if you can't spot the letter h in the image. Check the optical illusion answer.  

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