Over 100 dead seeking aid in Gaza, total death toll exceeds 30,000

Cairo, Feb. 29 (Reuters) Gaza health authorities said Israeli forces shot dead more than 100 Palestinians waiting for help on Thursday

but Israel blamed crowds around relief vehicles for trampled or run-over corpses.  

Palestinian health officials reported 112 deaths and over 280 injuries in the incident near Gaza City.  

The civilian death toll was highest in weeks. 

Hamas said the incident could jeopardize Qatari talks to end the war and release Israeli detainees. 

President Biden responded, "I know it will." on whether it will complicate talks.View Ad · Continue Scrolling

As the dead toll in nearly five months of war exceeded 30,000, Palestinian health authorities claimed Gaza 

which has been bombarded by Israeli forces for months since the Palestinian terrorist group's Oct. 7 attack in southern Israel.  

Private contractors ran the trucks in an assistance operation the Israeli military had been directing for four nights.  

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