Pomegranate Salad with Cider Dressing

This pomegranate salad recipe is an excellent way to add some color to any autumn or winter meal. As Thanksgiving approaches, I feel like foods are becoming increasingly brown.   

I know we all enjoy cheesy, bready foods, but if I've discovered one vocation in life (uh... blog-life), it's to discover and present the colorful delicacies of each season.  

Here, I pack as many as possible into a gorgeous salad. This pomegranate salad contains apples, squash, onions, greens, carrots, kohlrabi, and, of course, pomegranates! We absolutely love pomegranates.  

They bring vitality to any dish. I enjoy sprinkling pomegranate arils on everything throughout the fall and winter, especially on substantial salads like this one.  

In addition to being tasty, pomegranates are high in antioxidants and fiber, as if we needed any more reasons to enjoy them.  

The cooked ingredients are acorn squash, cipollini onions, farro, and halloumi cheese. I roast the squash, onions, and halloumi, and I cook the farro on the stove following this technique.   

The roasted vegetables give the salad a sweet, caramelized flavor that contrasts beautifully with the robust, salty halloumi. If you can't get cipollini onions, you can use normal red onions instead.   

To make this meal gluten-free, eliminate the farro and substitute quinoa or wild rice instead. The raw ingredients give the salad a lot of snap and texture.   

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