Ranking the 25 Greatest NBA 2nd-Round Picks

Second-round picks are typically overlooked   

 History shows that some of the best NBA players were picked after the first round  

 Basketball fans worldwide follow these diamond-in-the-rough prospects from unknown beginnings to famous careers.  

 Only players recruited after 1980 were used for this exercise. The first-round draft has 20 or more picks this year.  

 Therefore, we won't include Willis Reed, a 1964 second-round pick but the 10th overall pick. The list follows.  

 Malcolm Brogdon should be honored as one of the greatest second-round picks in NBA history without waiting for his career to end.  

 Ultimately, in 2017 he was crowned Rookie of the Year,  

 becoming the first second-round pick to do so in more than 50 years. Since then  

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