Relationship Compatibility Defined by Just Five Factors 

An abstraction, a certain je ne sais quoi, yet you know it when you experience it—often immediately. You can interact with someone easily.

1. Chemistry

You can interact with someone easily. Conversation flow, synchronicity of needs and gestures, and delicate pulse conveying almost subconsciously are all factors.   

Can be essential depending on personality. Some folks don't care how they spend time.  Some aren't hobbyists and can go with the flow. Others think otherwise. If you have passions that take up a lot of time, your partner must share them.  

2. Shared Interests

Without their participation in our favourite activities, we can feel like we're forced to pick between our spouse and our passion, and we can feel unnoticed, as if whatever part of us goes to that activity is of no interest to them.   

To appreciate and respect our partner, we must first like their character. Second, values discrepancies cause much relationship difficulty.  

3. Values shared 

Who should do what, how we communicate, how we solve difficulties, how we present ourselves to the public, etc., are all essential relationship questions that involve each partner's values.  

This is pragmatic. To move forward jointly, a person must be in a certain place and predisposed. Your partner cannot always bother you.  Your ambitiousness should inspire others to set goals. You shouldn't be with a lazy person if you work hard.   

4. Growing together  

In a relationship, nothing is free and our weaknesses are often their strengths and vice versa, but if one of you is always trying to grow and the other is stagnant and tarrying, time will tear you apart whether you want it or not.  

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