Something That Healthy Couples Do That Most People Wouldn't Think Of

What if I told you that it is natural for your partner to experience doubts and anxieties about being with you, and that this might be healthy, and that this is exactly what you need to experience and deal with before you plan to spend the rest of your life together?  

If I were to tell you that it is actually beneficial for you to have questions and doubts, what would you say to that?  

Open, honest relationships have numerous obstacles, uncertainties, phases, and concerns. Because both are honest about who they are and what they feel, they face more challenges.  

1. Close, related ties cause doubt.

The difference is how both parties accept, understand, and handle these "realities." Do you panic, creating emotional ambiguity and disconnection? Does your serenity, confidence...

People do something in relationships that kills attraction and breaks communication. When someone doubts a relationship, their partner often tries to convince them. They'll tell their partner why they're a terrific relationship.   

2. Avoid doing this if they're unsure.

This convincing act nearly always backfires. Why? Because humans naturally resist being pushed in a certain direction. When they can finish without pressure, people thrive.  

Doubt shows they're serious. What the future holds is on their minds. They may also question their suitability for you.  

3. Doubting a relationship helps its future.

Doubt helps us face our relationship anxieties, discomforts, and problems. If they never doubt you or your connection, you may be taken for granted or disrespected.  

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