Spot The Escaped Parrot In Under 10 Seconds 

Today's optical illusion is essentially a problem that has to be solved. The image below depicts a residential structure filled with residents as well as some adorable animals and pets.   

There is also a man who had a pet parrot, but the parrot managed to escape from the cage. Now, the man is concerned about his pet and seeks assistance in locating the bird.   

Take a thorough look at the video and try to find the runaway parrot. You should keep in mind that time is of the essence here, with only 10 seconds to unravel the illusion.  

To overcome this illusion, one must have strong eyesight and high observation skills; only then will they be able to notice the escaped parrot in less than 10 seconds; otherwise, it may take longer.  

Optical illusions, puzzles, and examinations are excellent ways to practice abilities such as observation and problem-solving.   

They are also employed in psychological experiments and other similar activities, which can help improve one's mental present.  

Then there are exams such as IQ tests and personality tests, which can help you learn more about your IQ level and personality qualities.   

Has anyone spotted the parrot yet? Or do you need some hints? We can only offer hints: look for something colorful, as the parrot is not wholly green.   

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