SUMMER is calling, and so are the flip-flops hidden in this optical illusion. 

You might have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the seven pairs of missing summer shoes in under 60 seconds. 

In less than 30 seconds, only one percent of the population can locate them all.  

Mr. Q.'s colorful beach brainteaser will have you daydreaming of the soft sea breeze and sand between your toes.  

Your task, as set by the puzzle's creator, is to locate the missing flip-flops before the sun sets.  

You have only sixty seconds to complete this task, so you need to be quick and focused.  

Now take out your timer, set it to 60 seconds, and begin your search.  

The shimmering waves and vibrant beach towels may try to divert your attention from the work at hand, but resist the urge to follow their lead.  

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