The Dog Breed That Fits Your Zodiac Sign's Personality Best

Many people can't picture living without dogs. Many people feel lonely without their pets, and dogs are like fuzzy soulmates. Dogs, like zodiac signs, have individual personalities, and each sign is analogous to a dog breed.  

Whatever your personality, there's a dog breed (or several) for your zodiac sign. Astrology suggests that breed of dog is the greatest for you, too, because everyone loves a dog that's like them.  

German Shepherds look frightening, yet they're just like other dogs. You may seem frightening to strangers, but once they know you, they recognize your affection. The wild confidence and courage of German Shepherds complements your daring, extroverted attitude almost perfectly.  

Aries: German Shepherd

Taurus, the Basset Hound and you share some traits, including huge, compassionate eyes. You are charming and endearing like the Basset Hound, and everyone who encounters you likes you. Without charisma, you're patient and low-key. You'd be content to stay home all night without plans any day of the week.  

Taurus: Basset Hound

You are energetic and fun like your French Bulldog twin, Gemini. You're the first to join someone on a pleasant outing, regardless of their plans. You're versatile, like the French Bulldog, so you're pleased to be included even if plans change or you have to wait until the last minute to learn the routines.  

Gemini: French Bulldog

Cancer, like the Chihuahua, your brain is full with emotions. If you've seen a Chihuahua, you know they're lively and cute. Despite all that activity, you and Chihuahuas are charming, loyal, and loving, three qualities you strive hard to develop because you want everyone to see in you.  

Cancer: Chihuahua

Leo, you're the definition of a best friend. Like the Golden Retriever, "man's best friend," you are liked by all. You two are inherently affable and endearing, making it hard to dislike you. It may be your open, pleasant face or your tail wagging when you meet someone new (just kidding), but you're a giant ball of affection.  

Leo: Golden Retriever

Virgo, your personality is closest like a dog's. Your reserved and dignified nature best resembles the Dalmatian's for many reasons. Dalmatians are smart and skilled at reading situations and acting, like you.  

Virgo: Dalmation

Libra, Samoyeds make you look twice, but so do you. Like your fluffy little pal, you are attractive with kind eyes, stunning hair (or fur), and a confident demeanor that demands attention.   

Libra: Samoyed

Scorpios are naughty and roguish, and I guarantee you'd select a dog breed twin with these traits over anything else. Lucky for you, the Pug is one of the most playful and curious breeds and complements your personality best.  

Scorpio: Pug

Sagittarius, the Labrador Retriever is the dog breed that best suits your nature and would accompany you on all your crazy escapades. You're both active and high-spirited, so you always approach life with a smile and a "let's do this!" attitude.  

Sagittarius: Labrador Retriever

Capricorn, don't be fooled by the Yorkshire Terrier's modest size—big things come in small packages. Yorkies are small but powerful, like you. They're like you—brave, fiery, and determined to overcome obstacles and get what they desire.  

Capricorn: Yorkshire Terrier

While many canines have similar personalities, the Greyhound is an exception, much as many zodiac signs are similar but no one is like you, Aquarius. You and the Greyhound are independent and don't need much attention to be happy. You're happy as long as you have friends.  

Aquarius: Greyhound

Pisces, you appreciate being the charming, friendly zodiac sign that others want to spend time with. Maltese, the dog that virtually matches your personality, can relate. Maltese are fun, friendly, and gentle like you. You appreciate spending time with loved ones, yet your friendly energy isn't overwhelming.   

Pisces: Maltese

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