This Perfect Vision Test Challenges You to Spot the Camouflaged Sandpiper in This Scene

Pattern recognition, difference identification, and anomaly detection are hardwired into the human brain.   

Many games, puzzles, and challenges have been developed around this cognitive capacity,   

which plays on our innate propensity to notice distinction  

Because of this quality, the world's most popular seek-and-find puzzles have attracted players from all walks of life  

An interesting new online task has emerged, and it asks players to identify a sand piper among a jumbled surf scene.  

In addition to challenging your observational skills, this visually appealing exercise will highlight the intricacies of human perception.

Locating the sand piper in the allotted 13 seconds is the main obstacle.  

Would you be able to take on this assignment and do it in the time given?   

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